Greek and Foreign RES Market


The Greek  electricity market was until recently monopolized by PPC, the state owned power company.

A series of EU directives and local regulatory changes have gradually opened up the market; with PPC, however, still controlling 50%.


Changes that have taken place in the environmental scenery the recent years are unlimited. The new laws that have been adopted are constantly changing the environmental facts. For that, in order to offer valid and immediate information, we cite the link of the Ministry of Environment and Energy on National Framework issues. More details here.

In this way, we can display in a timely and valid manner every change that takes place.



Establishment of new law on April, 7th, which brings changes to the Renewable energy Market. After these changes, payments of PPC to RES producers become more stable and punctuate and the market shows significant signs of stabilization.


Ministerial Decision F1/ OIK.2262 regarding change in FIT for PV’s.


Act 3851/2010 “Accelerating the Development of Renewable Energy Sources to Combat Climate Change” entered into force on June 4, 2010. The Act extends competition in the market and supports investments in renewable energy.


Law 3734/09.


The EC announced plans for a EU energy policy: unilateral 20% reduction in GHG emissions by 2020.


Law 3468/06.

  1. Block on PPC to build new plants.
    2. Energy production plants from private investors.

1. Kyoto Protocol

2. EU created an emission trading system.



1. PPC listed on ASE.

2 . DESMIE foundation and separation of transmission system.


1. Open Market Law.

2. RAE foundation .

3. Abolition of PPC monopoly.


The first wind park in Greece is under construction.


Implementation of the Law in Renewable Energy Sources.