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Athens, December 22, 2023 – The management of R Energy1 Holdings S.A. (the “Company”) announces today that the Company’s Board of Directors has received notice of the resignation of Mr. Stavros Papageorgiou, Vice President of the Board of Directors, effective December 19, 2023, following the repurchase of the 20% stake held by LAMDA ENERGY INVESTMENTS S.M.S.A., a 100% subsidiary of LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A., by a company that is 100% controlled by George M. Rokas.

Subsequently, during its meeting yesterday, the Board of Directors of the Company decided to replace the resigned member of the board and to elect Ms. Ourania (Rania) Bilalaki, Director of Investor Relations of the Company, as the new Member of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Bilalaki meets all the requirements of individual and collective suitability.

Following these developments, the Board of Directors of the Company, during its meeting on December 21, 2023, was reconstituted as follows:

  1. George Rokas of Meletios, Chairman of the Board and CEO.
  2. George Reppas of Charalampos, Vice Chairman of the Board.
  3. Dimitrios Reppas of Charalampos, Member of the Board.
  4. Nikolaos Vlachos of Spyridonos, Member of the Board.
  5. Ourania Bilalaki of Panagiotis, Member of the Board.

The term of the above Board of Directors expires on July 11, 2027.

The Board of Directors would like to express its appreciation to Mr. Stavros Papageorgiou for his significant contribution during his term.

The election of the new member of the Board of Directors was announced at the General Shareholders’ Meeting on December 22, 2023.