Sustainable development

Sustainable Development


R Energy 1, guided by Sustainable development, has harmonized all its activities with the principles of socially responsible business actions. Every efford is made to minimize the environmental impact and create a safe and healthy work environment.

  1. We implement processes that are environmentally friendly and contribute to the saving of natural resources and energy.
  2. We believe in the safety and hygiene of our employees, maintaining all the necessary protection measures.
  3. We invest in our staff with continuous training and seminars.
  4. We firmly believe that the main concern of a company is its overall contribution to society. That is why we constantly take care of and strengthen our social actions.

Corporate Responsibility

Donation of 1.000 euro to Omada Aigaiou NPO

April 2021

Donation of 540 euro to Stefani (Korinthos) Agricultural Collaboration

November 2020

Donation of 2.000 euro to Ithaca Athletic Club "Proodos"

October 2020

Donation to Child's Smile

August 2020

Donation of 10.000 euros to Ministry of Health

April 2020

Sponsorship of 2.000 euro to (Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers

January 2020

Vehicle donation to Hellenic Police

December 2019

Donation of 1.000 euros to NGO Kivotos tou Kosmou

December 2019

Donation of 800 euros to NGO Kivotos tou Kosmou

December 2018

Donation of 600 euros to fire stricken fellow citizens in Mati

July 2018

Sponsorship of 500 euros to CRES

November 2017


Credit Rating BB ICAP

January 2021

Credit Rating BB ICAP

February 2020

Credit Rating BB ICAP

July 2018

Credit Rating BB ICAP

March 2018